Memoirs of V.I. Likhonosov

Every time I approach the Varenikovskaya village I do not miss a chance to remember those whose names are associated with these hills and glades, Adagumka and Psebebs rivers, those who found here days and nights or just like me passed them hastily on the way to Anapa or Taman.

On the left side behind Adagum you will notice distant oaks and the road stretching under the horizon to Svet and Novopokrovsky villages (there was estate of Count Sumarukov-Elston in the latter, the appointed hetman since 1863). Military and geographers in the middle of the XIX century were searching dry routes to Anapa somewhere hereabout, Pushkin`s brother Lev also took part in those expeditions. Pavel Babich (father of the future appointed hetman) with Cossack formation followed the highlanders more than once here.

There is someone to remember at Varenikovskaya.

“And … – I do not forget to add … – these places gave artistic sensitivity and imagination to a famous at Kuban and in Europe painter: Sergei Vorzhev was born and raised in Varenikovskaya village, his paintings scatter around the world.”

In Varenikovskaya I saw his first drawings. I was a teacher in Novopokrovsky farm, in the estate of Count Sumarukov-Elston. I went to the village for fresh newspapers and magazines every Sunday. At school they called the sixth grader Seryozha Vorzhev … an artist. Then I briefly got acquainted with his naive works.

He has been a great master for a long time. And it seems to me that Vorzhev, who loved physics and astronomy since he was a child, “calculated the shortest path to the constellation of the Gold Dipper” in the space of art. This is a very special, Vorzhev`s Dipper, containing his unique style of painting. I am pleased to look at Vorzhev`s pictures and drawings and recall his personal precept: “… the main source of energy in art are our ethnic roots …”

I hope to see the day when the artist admires the oaks on the edge of the former estate of Count Sumarukov-Elston and the old road from the farm that runs over the Psebebs river to Varenikovskaya village, where I once walked dreamily … as if in order to see the drawings of a boy and after a half a century to write how he became famous…

Laureate of the State Prize of Russia

V. Likhonosov

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